Architectural & Engineering Services

Spotless offers a wide range of architectural and engineering services from standard building templates to fully customized solutions. We’re familiar with adapting pre-manufactured building templates to specific location constraints. We can also help facilitate a customized ground-up build-out. Spotless designers can quickly turn around a Conceptual Site Plan to ‘test-fit’ the car wash you’re envisioning on a property of interest.


Professional Design Services

Revealing the optimal workflow and layout of every potential car wash site is key. This process includes:

•  Evaluating the site
•  Identifying and considering physical constraints
•  Respecting the adopted codes
•  Refining the model
•  Honoring the vision of the owner and its individual brand.

Our mission is to remove challenging roadblocks from new project planning. Our team at Spotless strives to make the car wash project that you are visualizing a reality.

Our Services

* Some services identified are provided by AE partner firms.

Spotless designs buildings and spaces to inspire the people who use them

We ask ourselves, will this design perform in the best interest of the Owners? Does the car wash support the staff and improve customer experience? Does the facility allow staffing flexibility without sacrificing customer experience? Is the building comfortable to work in, easy to maintain, attractive and intuitive to navigate for the public?

Conceptual Site Plan

Guaranteed 1-week turnaround

Jump start your site evaluation process with a test fit of your car wash project on a subject property. Cost for specific property will be credited towards architectural services at the site. Include address in the Order Comments so we can get started right away!

* Cost of site plan will be credited towards project design cost if the project moves forward at that location.


Proof of Design Concept

Select this design service option for a more thorough evaluation of a subject property for car wash function and use.  This option includes the Conceptual Site Plan plus a Floor Plan and Building Elevations with interactive 3D building model. Analysis and review of City Codes is also performed. Our team will facilitate submission of Pre-Application Review Materials and Conference with local planning department for a deeper dive into site feasibility. Perfect for bank evaluation and for your contractor’s preliminary budget analysis.

* Cost of proof of concept service will be credited towards project design cost if the project moves forward at that location.


Project Gallery

Car Wash Express – Denver

Rocket Express – Twin Falls

Mint Smartwash – Billings

Contact us today to see how Spotless design and equipment can help you launch your next project and transform your car wash investment!