Tunnel Entrance Safety System (TESS)


Welcome to the future of car wash loading! Introducing a one-of-a-kind system designed specifically for conveyor belt car washes that will make damage claims due to loading misalignment and vehicle oversight a thing of the past.

With multiple cameras at the tunnel entrance feeding to a server with proprietary computer vision logic, the system is able to detect specific conditions that lead to issues in the wash. TESS can send signals to your tunnel controller to automatically activate the e-stop and/or tunnel retracts to prevent the mishaps that can occur during the loading process.

Add on options include:

  • Built-in Entrance Eye Module
  • Add-on Tire Detection Sensor, Truck Bed Sensor, and Send Car Sonar
  • Built-in Kesseltronics PBS Wash Control Panel
  • Add-on Kesseltronics node

Monthly Subscription

Additional $500/month monthly subscription


For Kesseltronics add-ons, customer will provide panel and/or node.

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TESS makes a powerful first impression for customers entering your car wash tunnel! Sleek and durable stainless steel columns with IP65 rated displays for visual queuing and voice command guide customers onto the conveyor for a smooth and pleasureable car wash.

Base unit includes:

  • Audio integration with tunnel control system to announce car wash and direct customer
  • Video feed of right and left side where vehicle transitions to conveyor
  • Video integration with tunnel control system to display car wash service
  • Front and rear access to cabinets for serviceability and maintenance
  • Sloped column bases are easy to install and reduce need for shimming


Weight: Column weight approx xx lbs (91 kg) (91 kg); Monitor weight xx lbs (x kg); Construction: Stainless steel;
Dimensions: Frame 25”W x 72” H x 7”D; Screen size 46 diagonal – 42.1”W x 24.6”H; Electrical Input: 100-240 VAC 6 AMP; Temperature: Operating: -30°C to 50°C Digital Media: Includes 3 hours support for digital media content development; additional support available at prevailing hourly rates;

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Additional information

Weight 30 lbs