If you need extra tendopay cash loan money to help you make ends meet, there are many loan apps you can choose from. These apps vary in features, limits, and pay period.

24/7 pay day advance financial products

One of the most popular apps is gcash, a payment platform from Globe Telecom. It is easy to use and provides a wide range of services. Among them are a cash loan, credits, and peer-to-peer lending.


GGives is GCash’s ultra-accessible installment loan service. It lets users pay for their purchases via “gives” of easy installment plans from a wide range of merchants nationwide.

Unlike GLoan and GCredit, GGives can be used by any Filipino aged 21-65 with a fully-verified GCash account and high GScore. GGives interest rates are 0% to 4.99%12, and may differ according to the user’s GScore and loan term.

In addition, GGives does not require any collateral or fixed monthly fees. In fact, its flexible terms make it a convenient option for many Filipinos to buy big-ticket items like smartphones, cars, or appliances with ease.

GGives is available in over 27,000 Scan-to-Pay stores, with more branches and options being made available for users soon. In order to pay for your GGives loan, you can simply scan the QR code of your preferred payment method from your GCash app.


GLoan is GCash’s new loan feature where eligible users can borrow up to PHP 25,000. This lending service is tailored to fit Filipinos’ purchasing behaviors, enabling them to maximize their finances at manageable interest rates.

To get a GLoan loan, simply open the GCash app and select GLoans under Financial Services. You’ll then be prompted to enter your loan amount, duration and purpose of loan.

The loan will be instantly deposited into your GCash wallet within 24 hours. You can use the funds to pay bills or go shopping at more than 200,000 GCash partner merchants! You can also cash out your loan to a chosen bank account or channels using the GCash Send Money feature.

GLoan is a secured online payment platform powered by Fuse Lending Inc., a lender registered with the SEC. It offers a wide range of personal loans that have interest rates ranging from 2.6% to 4% and a processing fee of 3%.

Buy now, pay later

Buying a big ticket item can be expensive, so it’s important to find ways to stretch the money out. GCash’s Buy now, pay later (BNPL) service allows you to buy an item on credit and spread the payment over several months.

It is also a good way to avoid sticker shock, especially for customers with limited budgets. This feature can boost conversion and average order value, as it helps customers make larger purchases without the risk of a large balance on their credit cards.

Using a buy now, pay later service can help your business maximize its customer reach. Choose a BNPL provider that offers repayment terms that are most relevant to your geographic location and customer base.

Credit limit

A credit limit is the amount of unsecured or secured credit that a lender will grant you through a revolving loan vehicle like a credit card, personal line of credit or home equity line of credit. Issuers look at a number of factors when determining your credit limit, including your income, debt level and credit history.

While your credit limit may vary based on the type of credit you have, you can expect to see average limits in the four-to-five-digit range. This is typically the starting point for most first-time credit card holders, and it’s likely to rise over time as you build your credit.

While a higher credit limit can be beneficial, it also means you’re more likely to max out your card and end up in debt. This will negatively impact your credit score. A lower limit will allow you to avoid overcharging and be more responsible with your spending.