About Us

Spotless provides fully-integrated design services, from development master planning and entitlements to programming and design to bidding and construction administration. Our designers work in studios focused exclusively on the art of washing cars.

We are resourceful, technical and precise. Our high-quality documents and highly constructible drawings reduce change orders. We design in BIM and Revit across all disciplines and provide detailed renderings for project development purposes.

Materials change, technologies change, preferences change. It is our goal to help your organization navigate these considerations.

Product Development and Fabrication

Spotless understands that car washes are complex environments with lots of moving parts and potential hazards. Car wash operators need the peace of mind that Spotless products provide including safety systems, monitoring systems and industrial strength equipment that’s designed to last. One of the secrets to success in this business is to design your car wash from the start for consistent and reliable operation so you can focus on the core of your business: washing cars, managing cost, and customer service.

Especially if you are looking to expand and grow your footprint in the car wash industry, we encourage you to thoroughly vet your professional services team to ensure you are on the right path. Spotless is enthusiastic about taking your existing wash or a new project to the next level. We have experience and passion for new builds and rehab projects alike and we’ve had success with all of the above. Let’s get started today!



Founder & Product Designer

Jason has a strong track record as a car wash operator. His passion for car wash development and improvement go beyond the norm. Developing sites, automating processes and solving technical problems are his forte. Jason also has extensive experience in finance, manufacturing and distribution.


Founder & Principal Architect

As a seasoned Principal Architect, Josh is knowledgeable in all aspects of the project delivery process from conception through construction. His predominate strengths include High Volume Car Wash Facility planning, design and equipment planning and integration.


Founder & Operations Officer

Claire handles business operations at Spotless including contracts, compliance and marketing. Claire’s background in customer service and business development helps Spotless execute on its Mission to serve car wash clients.

Contact us today to see how Spotless design and equipment can help you launch your next project and transform your car wash investment!